1 Arm Sled Row w/Bottoms-Up Hold

1 Arm Sled Row w/Bottoms-Up Hold

The row and its many variations are great for the upper body. This full body movement is derived primarily from the lower body, upward concentrically pulling towards the body. This movement is great to teach the squat patterns, pulling progressions and rhythmic stabilizations. The general progression of the sled row encourages you to keep your shoulders square, yet staying out of rotation by holding the KB in a bottoms-up position. To perform the movement you will hold the strap, which serves as a counterbalance along with the KB to encourage tight midline of the body (from top to bottom). Additionally, you will want to find the right sequence with these progressions is great because you should already have the right sequence from performing these progressions in a half-kneeling position first. With the standing sled row progressions, make sure your hips/knees extend at the same time to reach full extension while fighting the lateral flexion the KB in a bottoms-up position will try to put you into. With the KB in the bottoms-up position, your body will try to flex you anteriorly, therefore, maintain the neutral spine, tight midline, pull and hold.

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