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Tempo is often one of the most forgotten aspects of training, yet it’s one of the best ways to maximize each part of the rep. And all you need to do is slow down or speed up a portion of the rep. Simple as that.

Pallof Press (Single Arm) Dead Bug Dead or dying insects assume very familiar poses: lying on their back, legs sticking up in the air; however, it is not in one (or the same) sequence. This telltale position is actually a symptom of an ailing bug’s decreased coordination and failing nervous system; many would say it is a lack of blood flow along with other factors. Either way the bug is about to… Read More

“Leaders relentlessly upgrade their teams, using every encounter as an opportunity to evaluate, coach, and build confidence”, Jack Welch, Winning. Articulating a clear vision and strategy, problem solving techniques and continual coaching is a must for development of today’s coach. Today coaches  are depending on talent; however, it won’t create enduring success. Quintessential Leadership is the ability to build trust and trustworthiness. Outlined in “The Kiely’s Company” blog on the “Portfolio of… Read More

Dead Bug Pallof Press 2.0 Cable Tight Rotation Over the last couple of weeks, I have been posting videos on specific Dead Bug variations I like to add into my program for variability; especially when I have successfully mastered one exercise, in such cases as the standard Dead Bug progression. There are great exercises out there (sexy some might call them), where every professional and athlete have exercises and programs in the… Read More

  Dead Bug Exercise w/Levator Scapula Stretch In human anatomy, the levator scapula is a skeletal muscle situated at the back and side of the neck. The levator scapula originates from the posterior tubercle of the transverse process of cervical vertebrae one to four. The muscle is inserted into medial border of the scapula extending from superior angle to junction of spine and medial border of scapula. The levator scapulae may lie deep to the sternocleidomastoideus at its origin, deep or adjacent… Read More

Try This Ridiculously Tough Bird Dog-Inspired Exercise to Build a Strong Core The Ab Rollout and its many variations are arguably some of the best core-strengthening exercises because they teach the abs to prevent extension of the spine, which is their true function. And like any exercise, at a certain point the basic move becomes too easy. I’ve had great success with this type of exercise, and have made it a priority… Read More

Hooverball Active Recovery Hooverball is a FUN ACTIVE MINI cool down I had the guys do to perform more basketball specific movements… This active cool down was fun yet challenging because the basketball players needed to recruit the fast-twitch muscle fibers as well as various engage various muscles of the body. *EXCUSE THE TALKING AND JOKING, HOWEVER FUN NEEDS TO BE PROMOTED IN ANY TRAINING SESSION*

1 Arm Sled Row w/Bottoms-Up Hold The row and its many variations are great for the upper body. This full body movement is derived primarily from the lower body, upward concentrically pulling towards the body. This movement is great to teach the squat patterns, pulling progressions and rhythmic stabilizations. The general progression of the sled row encourages you to keep your shoulders square, yet staying out of rotation by holding the KB… Read More

Dumbbell Plank Row w/Sled (Sequential) Pull Complex Dumbbell rows are a great exercise to work the middle back, core, biceps, chest, lats and triceps. This movement also involves scapula retraction and depression, along with spinal extension and compression through the thoracolumbar region. In the plank position, this also acts as a core stabilization exercise through anti-rotation and anti-flexion. I also love this exercise because it is very anti-rotational. In quoting Nick Tumminello,… Read More

Effective leaders build with diversity. To broker the diversity effectively, you must: Accept diversity in your programming, which lacks in this industry. Accept the different gifts, although not understood, they are pursuing the same goal. We all have GIFTS; try not to compete or compare, “easier said than done”. Give credit to whom it is due. We are to function like the organs and muscles in the body. Everyone in this field… Read More


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