C. A. M. Sports Performance Training


“Leaders relentlessly upgrade their teams, using every encounter as an opportunity to evaluate, coach, and build confidence”, Jack Welch, Winning. Articulating a clear vision and strategy, problem solving techniques and continual coaching is a must for development of today’s coach. Today coaches  are depending on talent; however, it won’t create enduring success. Quintessential Leadership is the ability to build trust and trustworthiness. Outlined in “The Kiely’s Company” blog on the “Portfolio of… Read More

There have been many progressions by awesome professionals that have performed the Dead Bug exercise with the band pressed (isometric hold), which is great for anti-rotation. Rotary stability is the ability to control rotational forces during activities like throwing, swinging, striking, kicking, and sprinting.  Rotary stability is needed to resist rotation through the torso during arm and leg movements, which is represented here. This variation is a great exercise with the band… Read More

Improve Your Dribbling in the Paint With These Ball Handling Drills In the past, basketball dribbling drills were practiced separately from sports performance training. However, we have found ways to increase ball handling skill through those drills while also increasing explosive movements needed to accelerate past a defender. This skill is especially valuable when you’re in the paint or one-on-one against a defender. These drills push the basketball athlete beyond the comfort… Read More

Father God in the name of JESUS, please help us to use our current attacks for today’s success. Please help us get our mind ready for the battles that we will face today. Please give us the wisdom for proper programming and principles of life to help our athletes succeed. Please, help us to monitor and embrace every moment in the workplace and embrace new perspectives/new strategies for kingdom success. Please bless the… Read More

This exercise is a great way to make a traditional Plank way more challenging. You have to hold the plank position with your feet elevated in the rings, and move the stack of plates from one side to the other. There’s a great anti-extension and anti-rotation training component here, which are two critical skills needed by athletes to keep a strong and stable core. Do this one only if you can move… Read More

Agility drills aren’t widely used in strongman competitions, but they’re a valuable companion to strongman training. They are an important transformational tool, improving explosiveness, footwork, change of direction and muscle control (just to name a few). Combining a strongman apparatus (in this case, a wheelbarrow) with agility drills for speed, change of direction and quickness can increase the metabolic demands placed on an athlete’s body, teaching muscle control and giving the athlete… Read More

Very few lifters work on their conditioning. It’s quickly becoming an overlooked aspect of training. After all, what we do is called strength and conditioning. But there seems to be a love-hate relationship in which conditioning is viewed as second fiddle to lifting weights and getting stronger.

I’m here to tell you that you can do both at the same time. Better yet, all you need is a standard wheelbarrow.

Going into this week, remember the right leaders must be in place, with the right vision. Your followers must buy into the leader before they buy into the vision. Numbers 22.

As coaches, our firt girl is to keep our athletes healthy. Yes, improving their performance is important-and it’s what we get paid to do.


Because we’re all recovering from something.