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“Leaders relentlessly upgrade their teams, using every encounter as an opportunity to evaluate, coach, and build confidence”, Jack Welch, Winning. Articulating a clear vision and strategy, problem solving techniques and continual coaching is a must for development of today’s coach. Today coaches  are depending on talent; however, it won’t create enduring success. Quintessential Leadership is the ability to build trust and trustworthiness. Outlined in “The Kiely’s Company” blog on the “Portfolio of… Read More

Try This Ridiculously Tough Bird Dog-Inspired Exercise to Build a Strong Core The Ab Rollout and its many variations are arguably some of the best core-strengthening exercises because they teach the abs to prevent extension of the spine, which is their true function. And like any exercise, at a certain point the basic move becomes too easy. I’ve had great success with this type of exercise, and have made it a priority… Read More

Effective leaders build with diversity. To broker the diversity effectively, you must: Accept diversity in your programming, which lacks in this industry. Accept the different gifts, although not understood, they are pursuing the same goal. We all have GIFTS; try not to compete or compare, “easier said than done”. Give credit to whom it is due. We are to function like the organs and muscles in the body. Everyone in this field… Read More

Very few lifters work on their conditioning. It’s quickly becoming an overlooked aspect of training. After all, what we do is called strength and conditioning. But there seems to be a love-hate relationship in which conditioning is viewed as second fiddle to lifting weights and getting stronger.

I’m here to tell you that you can do both at the same time. Better yet, all you need is a standard wheelbarrow.


Because we’re all recovering from something.