C. A. M. Sports Performance Training


Pallof Press (Single Arm) Dead Bug Dead or dying insects assume very familiar poses: lying on their back, legs sticking up in the air; however, it is not in one (or the same) sequence. This telltale position is actually a symptom of an ailing bug’s decreased coordination and failing nervous system; many would say it is a lack of blood flow along with other factors. Either way the bug is about to… Read More

Try This Ridiculously Tough Bird Dog-Inspired Exercise to Build a Strong Core The Ab Rollout and its many variations are arguably some of the best core-strengthening exercises because they teach the abs to prevent extension of the spine, which is their true function. And like any exercise, at a certain point the basic move becomes too easy. I’ve had great success with this type of exercise, and have made it a priority… Read More


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