Going into this week, remember the right leaders must be in place, with the right vision. Your followers must buy into the leader before they buy into the vision. Numbers 22.

As professionals, where we go and whom we put our confidence in is big. It will determine how we succeed and eventually have an impact on those we lead. We need to make sure people can see the difference in what or whom we put our confidence in and walk in the confidence that God has empowered us with.

In doing so, we need to make sure we know the Difference between Insecurity, Security, and Arrogance!

  1. Insecurity is not knowing who you are or who’s you   are. Therefore, it is not knowing Christ because once you know him that will take the place of insecurities you may have, especially when leading.
  1. Security is taking the place of the insecurities by   having Christ and being secure in him. The security of Christ allows him to orchestrate every situation of your life.
  1. Arrogance, it is where and whom you put your confidence in, those things you have accomplished, like education and skill; however that only goes so far.


Therefore, in working with athletes and or leading people in general, we need to make sure we are secure before we move forward in trying to lead everyone else. Too often, leaders are arrogant and insecure, which puts them in difficult situations, eventually causing good operations to crumble. We have to make sure we build our foundation (whatever that may be) on a strong foundation as it says in, “Matthew 7:24”.  I like the way Pastor Keith Krell of the Fourth Memorial Church in Spokane, WA captures Jesus’ parable, with the comparison and contrasts of two builders: one wise and one foolish. Pastor Krell emphasizes how critical it is to have a strong foundation. Jesus knew the difference between a solid house and a shoddy one. However, this story is not just for architects, carpenters, and contractors. It is for you and me. Building a house is simply an analogy for building a life and leading leaders. The point is this: You are building a life and the foundation you choose is the most important feature of your life.

Consequently, to move to the next level, let us make sure we get rid of arrogance and insecurity by placing our abilities in Christ. That we can move forward to provide strong leadership through strong foundational principles, and be able to move away from foolish principles and methods that will try to deter us from proper principles that have been set for our lives and the lives of those we lead.

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