Deadbug Kettlebell Chop – 3 Advanced Variations

Deadbug Kettlebell Chop – 3 Advanced Variations

As we know, the core is the foundation if we want to achieve movements efficient and effectively; therefore, targeting the core musculature from different angles and through various means can give you the best bang for your buck.

Although many enjoying performing movements from a position of standing, lying and/or sitting we should make sure, we attack and/or program everything from a dynamic perspective, which relays to a specific sport.

In this case, we build upon the various chop progressions, which are regressed and progressed appropriately from the half-kneeling to the tall kneeling and its dynamic to target the core, its structure and being stable through every press, pull and rotation throughout the movement.

What is important is that we take some steps back to address situations where athletes cannot get into kneeling positions, more importantly in a therapeutic session where there might be trouble in the knee areas, etc. We can easily divert back to performing these chop exercises (half and tall kneeling) from the deadbug position.


Performing the chop variations from the supine position is a great anti-extension, flexion and rotation progression because with the half and tall kneeling chop variations many who do not have good stability throughout the core will rotate, flex and extend. This position is also great for those who sit all day, and performing these Deadbug progressions along with other Deadbug progressions, can equipoise the sitting down on a regular basis (of course along with other factors).

More importantly, due to the specific demands of sports today athletes requires a strong and efficient core for optimal performance of any movement; more so those that involve throwing, swinging an apparatus, etc. As your core rotators get stronger, you’ll be able to more effectively transfer force between your upper and lower body, and ultimately throw faster or kick harder, which gives reason to advance core progressions more appropriately.

Building core rotational strength also improves your ability to withstand various methods of contact. Athletes normally get hit away from the center of your body, causing your torso to rotate. Increased strength in the core musculature is important because it stabilizes your spine despite various methods of contact.

Just like the Half and Tall kneeling exercises, the Deadbug Kettlebell Chop is a multi-joint exercise that develops strength and power throughout the shoulders, core (stability), while synchronizing the obliques, hips and glutes. It also gives one the challenge of keeping a strong grip while performing the movement, which helps those who swing apparatus maintain appropriate strength throughout the movement. GREATLY USED IN ANY PREHAB, MOBILITY AND/OR THERAPUTIC SESSION.

The Deadbug Kettlebell Chop is a slight variation of the half and tall kneeling stability chop exercises. If you are looking to take your core training to the next level, try these.



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