Quintessential Leadership

“Leaders relentlessly upgrade their teams, using every encounter as an opportunity to evaluate, coach, and build confidence”, Jack Welch, Winning.

Articulating a clear vision and strategy, problem solving techniques and continual coaching is a must for development of today’s coach. Today coaches  are depending on talent; however, it won’t create enduring success.

Quintessential Leadership is the ability to build trust and trustworthiness. Outlined in “The Kiely’s Company” blog on the “Portfolio of Leadership and Training, are 5 Intelligences of Quintessential Leadership, which are outlined below.

  • Leading Virtual Teams.
  • Applying Emotional Intelligence.
  • Understanding Cultural Differences.
  • Effective Communication.
  • Leveraging Personal Styles, and
  • Managing 4 Generations.

While all of these qualities are important for every coach, I personally believe the two below have not been effectively touched on within this profession:

  • Understanding Cultural Differences and Leveraging Personal Styles

In todays society, its seems as if Leveraging Personal Styles are very uncommon, especially upon fitness professionals within various circles. Often apparent are those in our circle with the same personality types because it satisfies their methods, causes, and will push the same program methods without change.

More importantly, those within our staff/organizations and sometimes teams, we have embraced people who carry the same qualities, which are Logical, analytical, data-oriented, Organized, plan-focused, detail-oriented, Supportive, expressive, emotionally oriented, Strategic, integrative, and idea-oriented, which can sometimes set up your organization for trouble.

So how can we  leverage the varying personality styles within our organization training staffs, teams, etc? Please see the list below:

  • Observe your team members and see who brings diversity to your team/program.
  • Make sure that everyone understands the value of each team member.
  • Coach according to work styles and use questions specific to work styles.
  • Ask questions.
  • Embrace Change.

On Monday morning, take an inventory, look around at your staff and athletes, the wonderful diversity that is portrayed. Although diversity in its essence is beautiful the lack of understanding of Cultural Differences can be the downfall of one’s organization and program. Let’s be honest, cultural norms can sometimes get in the way of daily interactions; therefore, we as professionals must learn to understand the differences and raise sensitivity levels to the cultural norms and create ways to effectively include cultural differences in one’s atmosphere.

I believe applying these simple Quintessential characteristics along with other leadership characteristics we can change our leadership styles as coaches and set our programs and athletes up for a successful future.

References: The Kiely Company, LLC






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