Pallof Press Dead Bug

There have been many progressions by awesome professionals that have performed the Dead Bug exercise with the band pressed (isometric hold), which is great for anti-rotation.

Rotary stability is the ability to control rotational forces during activities like throwing, swinging, striking, kicking, and sprinting.  Rotary stability is needed to resist rotation through the torso during arm and leg movements, which is represented here.

This variation is a great exercise with the band press because your body will want to rotate (depending on the level of resistance) during the press and opposite leg movement; therefore, resisting rotation (anti-rotation) is the key. With this progression its requires  isometric core contractions with concentric and eccentric limb movements, and the directional force vectors, which can vary (Bret Contreras). The muscles of the Hip Complex get some great work as well.

Dead Bug (Anti-Rotation) Band Press

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